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We are Your Dealership Alternative

We are Your Dealership Alternative

Rapid, accurate diagnosis and repair.
We do it faster and better. Our staff of specially trained technicians supports our national computer database of more than 600,000 repair records.

Reason To Use Us #2

Reason To Use Us #2

Affordable alternative transportation.
If you need a car while yours is in our shop, we can arrange an Enterprise rental at our low rate.

Reason To Use Us #3

Reason To Use Us #3

There’s no need to wait around while we work on your car. We call you when the repairs are done.

Reason To Use Us #4

Reason To Use Us #4

Nationwide CARQUEST parts guarantee.
If a CARQUEST part should fail during the manufacturer’s warranty period more than 50 miles from a TECH-NET facility, the nearest CARQUEST Auto Parts Store or TECH-NET Service Center will replace it.

Reason To Use Us #5

Reason To Use Us #5

We are fully committed to a service-oriented code of ethics and the employment of ASE-certified technicians.

  • We are Your Dealership Alternative
  • Reason To Use Us #2
  • Reason To Use Us #3
  • Reason To Use Us #4
  • Reason To Use Us #5

Why Choose Anywhere Automotive?

We Specialize in Customer Service

Anywhere Automotive is a full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center that has been performing high quality, guaranteed automotive repairs in the Concord and Contra Costa County area since 1980. We service and repair all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles. We are your logical alternative to the dealership for all scheduled maintenance of your personal vehicle, or fleet car or truck. Bring in your foreign and domestic auto, SUV, or pickup today with complete confidence that your vehicle will be serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

Anywhere Automotive is an independently owned and operated full-service repair and maintenance facility. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. We only use quality replacement parts, and our technicians are ASE-certified.

Experience the advantages that our independently owned service center offers you.

We Care About Your Vehicle

Preventative Maintenance

According to recent studies, 5 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are clearly caused by automobile maintenance neglect. The following simple and inexpensive preventive checks will greatly extend the life of the vehicle, ensure safer operation and even benefit the environment.

Always consult your owner’s manual for individual service schedules.

  • Change your oil filter regularly – every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.
  • Have all fluids checked, including brake, power steering, transmission, and antifreeze.
  • Check tire inflation. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency.
  • Keep your engine tuned.
  • Have the chassis lubricated frequently.
  • Check battery cables and posts for corrosion and clean them as needed.
  • Check lighting system frequently, including headlights, turn signals, and brake and taillights.
  • Check windshield washer blades for cracks, tears and windshield contact.
  • Inspect engine belts regularly. Look for cracks and missing sections or segments.
  • Have the air filtration system checked frequently.

It's Your Right To Repair Your Vehicle!

Your Right To Repair Your Vehicle

Know your rights when it comes to vehicle repair and maintenance.

Did you know?

  • You are not required to take your vehicle to the dealer in order to maintain your warranty.
  • A warranty cannot require the use of a specific brand of replacement parts offered by your selling dealer.

No matter the brand of vehicle you drive – foreign or domestic – we can help protect you and your vehicle’s warranty. By using quality CARQUEST Auto Parts and service, our skilled technicians can perform all of your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs without voiding your warranty.